Auction Best Practices.

Best Practices at a Dealer AuctionPick the day you will run your bid sale. Try running your sale on days other auctions are not running.

Location of the sale. Having the sale right on your lot makes the most sense. No shipping fees and you will have everything you need to run the sale.

Use Auction Simplified to make a master list of cars you are sending to your sale. Click on manage inventory and add the cars to the auction and set the sale type.

Have the used car manager/wholesale manager or lot manager organize the cars for the bid sale. Park all bid cars in one location next to each other. Start setting up early; a day before the event. If you can, set up a day or two before the sale this will depend on how many cars you are running. If you don’t have a wholesale manager, consider designating someone in charge during the sale. This may change based on the size of your company.

Put a run number on each car. Put the same number next to the car on your master list.

Print a Dealer Simplified window sticker with a QR code on it for each car. The sticker will print the information for the inventory page in Auction Simplified. It will also show any comments about the vehicle and/or any disclaimers from your settings page.

Label each car with items the buyer needs to know;

  • non-runner
  • no brakes, must tow
  • TMU
  • salvage title…

Recruit staff to work the sale each week. Have lot managers from the stores ready for setup and auction day. Have billers ready to process titles and decide when and where the buyers will pay.

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Posted on: August 10, 2014