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How to enter a short VIN from an older vehicle

Sometimes you will have to list a car that is older so the VIN decoder will not be able to figure out what kind of vehicle it is. This video will show you how to get past that issue.

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How to Show Condition or Title Issues in Your Auction Listing

We firmly believe that the vehicle condition report can make or break your dealer auction. If you list the vehicle correctly for auction, it helps the bidder make a more informed decision and over time they will bid more for cars listed by dealers they can trust. They will also give higher ratings to dealers […]

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loading a vehicle

How to Load a Vehicle for Auction

Loading a vehicle for auction on the Auction Simplified platform is quite easy. Start on the selling tab, from there you can search by stock number, VIN number or simply scroll down the vehicles already loaded. I most cases we have a data pull of your inventory already from vAuto, GetAuto, Dealer Specialties, Red Bumper or […]

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auction dashboard screenshot

How to Use The Auction Dashboard

In this video we will show you how to navigate the auction dashboard, how to use the auction map and the alerts.

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Log In to Auction Simplified

How to Log In to Auction Simplified

Go to Click on Log In on the upper right. Enter your userid and password and you will be taken to the site. If for any reason you forgot your password, go to the login screen and click on forgot password. We well send you some password reset instructions.

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Auction Viewing Day

What is Dealer Wholesale Viewing Day?

This is the day or days a selling dealer opens up their wholesale lot for buyers to view and bid on their wholesale cars. They will have the cars and keys ready for you to inspect and drive if needed. Its very important that we are respectful of the the dealer and only visit on […]

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How long in advance do I need to register for an auction? 

A. The sooner the better, we prefer that you register and submit your dealer license at least 24 hours before the end date of an auction you want to bid on. If you need to register the day of a sale and need the registration rushed through, call us at 716-800-2910 and we will do our best […]

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Can a buyer buy a car at auction and resell it at auction the same day?

A. Yes. Auction simplified is a marketplace where dealers can buy and sell vehicles. To list a vehicle you just bought simply go to your inventory search for the vehicle and add it to your own auction.

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How do I register for Auction Simplified?

Click on the registration button at the top of the web site then fill in the simple form and you are ready to start bidding at dealer auctions. You will need to read and agree to the terms of use and the privacy statement. Once you are ready hit submit and you will receive […]

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How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, zilch, free, no charge. Auction Simplified only charges for completed transactions. Even then, only the buyer pays a small fee, so seller benefits from a zero cost transaction. Free to Register, free to sell and low buyers fees. Now that’s pricing simplified.

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