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Small Fees

What Are The Wholesale Auction Fees?

There is absolutely no seller’s fee in the Auction Simplified Marketplace. Even the buyer’s fee is incredibly reasonable.  Buyer fees are regional  and are set by the dealership. Check the dealer’s auction website for details. For a list of dealer auction websites, click here. The Maximum buyers fee in the Auction Simplified market place is a […]

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Why Are There No Sellers Fees?

We are trying to encourage a great buying experience for both the buyer and the seller. By keeping the auction fees to a minimum the dealer auction is  a great place to buy cars for less. Sellers pay no fees and can use the software for free. Buyers pay small fees and get to use […]

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condition report

Condition Report, Essential for successful sales

“Accurate Condition Reports are key to wholesale profit.” If you want wholesalers and buyers to bid high on your vehicles you should put considerable amount of effort into describing the condition of the vehicle and if possible completing a full condition report. In the Auction Simplified platform we have a description field where you can write […]

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How to Bid on an Open Bid Sale

In this video we will show you how to use Auction Simplified to buy cars with that are running under the Open Bid style. Open bid allows you to bid at any time during the bidding period. You can bid three ways, Small increments at a time with the quick bid feature, Buy Me Now, (if offered) allows you […]

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bid now with silent auction

Bidding on Silent Bid Sale Auctions

In this video we will show you how to use Auction Simplified to buy cars with that are running under the silent bid method. Silent bid allows you to bid at any time during the bidding period. You only have to bid once and should bid the max amount you want to win the car. […]

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bad or missing titles

Bidding on a Vehicle With Title Attached

Time to time you are going to see vehicles listed that have title problems, or are non-runners. This video is going to show you how to identify these vehicles and choose whether you still want to bid on them.

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auction dashboard screenshot

How to Use The Auction Dashboard

In this video we will show you how to navigate the auction dashboard, how to use the auction map and the alerts.

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Auction Viewing Day

What is Dealer Wholesale Viewing Day?

This is the day or days a selling dealer opens up their wholesale lot for buyers to view and bid on their wholesale cars. They will have the cars and keys ready for you to inspect and drive if needed. Its very important that we are respectful of the the dealer and only visit on […]

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How long in advance do I need to register for an auction? 

A. The sooner the better, we prefer that you register and submit your dealer license at least 24 hours before the end date of an auction you want to bid on. If you need to register the day of a sale and need the registration rushed through, call us at 716-800-2910 and we will do our best […]

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Can a buyer buy a car at auction and resell it at auction the same day?

A. Yes. Auction simplified is a marketplace where dealers can buy and sell vehicles. To list a vehicle you just bought simply go to your inventory search for the vehicle and add it to your own auction.

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