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What Happens with Duplicate Bids

What Happens If Two Bids Come In at the Same Amount?

Our rules for dealing with duplicate bid amounts are simple; the first one to bid the amount wins. Proxy Bid Example: Current Bid is $2,400 Emily proxy bids $5,000 on a vehicle Which makes the current bid $2,500 Frank proxy bids to $5000 (the same amount as Emily’s high proxy bid) The automatic bidding system […]

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Is There a Minimum Purchase Requirement?

A. No. buyers can purchase as few or as many vehicles as they need based on their own personal funding limits.

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Can a buyer bid on a car before the Viewing Day?

YES. Most dealers will allow online bidding a few days before the viewing day. As you get to know the reputation of the dealer running the auction, you may be comfortable bidding in advance. Of course you also have the option of waiting till the viewing day to view.  

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