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Small Fees

What Are The Wholesale Auction Fees?

There is absolutely no seller’s fee in the Auction Simplified Marketplace. Even the buyer’s fee is incredibly reasonable.  Buyer fees are regional  and are set by the dealership. Check the dealer’s auction website for details. For a list of dealer auction websites, click here. The Maximum buyers fee in the Auction Simplified market place is a […]

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The settings page

Basic Setup There are basic settings required for each dealership to sell or buy vehicles using the Auction Simplified software. To find the settings page, log in to Auction simplified and click on the “Settings” link found in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. In the settings section you can change your dealer […]

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bad or missing titles

Bidding on a Vehicle With Title Attached

Time to time you are going to see vehicles listed that have title problems, or are non-runners. This video is going to show you how to identify these vehicles and choose whether you still want to bid on them.

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auction dashboard screenshot

How to Use The Auction Dashboard

In this video we will show you how to navigate the auction dashboard, how to use the auction map and the alerts.

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How do I register for Auction Simplified?

Click on the registration button at the top of the web site then fill in the simple form and you are ready to start bidding at dealer auctions. You will need to read and agree to the terms of use and the privacy statement. Once you are ready hit submit and you will receive […]

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When is Payment Due

If I win a bid, when is payment due?

Payment is typically due the next business day after the end of the auction by 5 p.m. For example, if you won an auction on Friday the 1st, we’d need to receive payment by 5 PM on Monday the 4th. You should always check with selling dealer for their specific payment terms. Slow payment is […]

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Winning at Car Auctions

If I don’t win, do I have to pay anything?

Of course not. Only winning bids require payment. As the buyer you do not have to pay the fee unless you win the bid. As the seller you never pay a fee.

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Who do I pay when I win an Auction

When you bid on and win, you’re purchasing the vehicle from the selling dealer, not Auction Simplified. Make payments  to the selling dealer as soon as possible based on the sellers terms, usually within one business day. Once payment is complete the selling dealer will print a Final Receipt/Gate Pass for you to pick up […]

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dont be late

What is the penalty for paying late?

Late payments are a bad idea, for one the dealer can give you a bad rating and ruin your chance of bidding at other Auction Simplified auctions.

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auction paid in full

What is a Final Receipt/Gate Pass?

Sellers will not let you take the car off their lot until: The car is paid in full The auction fee is paid All the paperwork is complete. Once this is done they will print a Final Receipt/Gate Pass as your final parting document. Most dealers require a Final Receipt/Gate Pass before you can get keys and […]

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