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Why Are There No Sellers Fees?

We are trying to encourage a great buying experience for both the buyer and the seller. By keeping the auction fees to a minimum the dealer auction is  a great place to buy cars for less. Sellers pay no fees and can use the software for free. Buyers pay small fees and get to use […]

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How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, zilch, free, no charge. Auction Simplified only charges for completed transactions. Even then, only the buyer pays a small fee, so seller benefits from a zero cost transaction. Free to Register, free to sell and low buyers fees. Now that’s pricing simplified.

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Winning at Car Auctions

If I don’t win, do I have to pay anything?

Of course not. Only winning bids require payment. As the buyer you do not have to pay the fee unless you win the bid. As the seller you never pay a fee.

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Who do I pay when I win an Auction

When you bid on and win, you’re purchasing the vehicle from the selling dealer, not Auction Simplified. Make payments  to the selling dealer as soon as possible based on the sellers terms, usually within one business day. Once payment is complete the selling dealer will print a Final Receipt/Gate Pass for you to pick up […]

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dont be late

What is the penalty for paying late?

Late payments are a bad idea, for one the dealer can give you a bad rating and ruin your chance of bidding at other Auction Simplified auctions.

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auction paid in full

What is a Final Receipt/Gate Pass?

Sellers will not let you take the car off their lot until: The car is paid in full The auction fee is paid All the paperwork is complete. Once this is done they will print a Final Receipt/Gate Pass as your final parting document. Most dealers require a Final Receipt/Gate Pass before you can get keys and […]

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