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quick bid

What is Quick Bidding

Quick Bidding To help you avoid being outbid, we offer Quick Bidding feature.  With simply the click of a button  “Quick Bidding” will automatically raise your bid by one increment (the increments are preset by the software and vary based on the price of the car). To use Quick Bidding, you need to be signed […]

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Can I See the Bid History?

To keep your info private, we limit how bid history information is shown. As a Seller do I See the Bid History? Yes, but not who is bidding, each bidder is assigned an anonymous number. All buyers will in real time be able to see the most current bid but only the seller can see the […]

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When I Set a Proxy Bid, Will it Bid in Increments?

Incremental bidding We understand that everyone would like to win, but only if the price is right. It is a best practice to bid the highest amount that you are willing to pay because you may get the car for less. As the auction proceeds, we compare your bid to those of other bidders. When […]

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Wholesaler and Dealer rating

How Does the Rating System Work?

There are two ways transactions are rated. The seller rates the buyer after the buyer pays and picks up the car. The buyer rates the seller after they receive the title paperwork and pick up the car. Most buyers and sellers have a great reputation, but sometimes there are situations where you would prefer not to do business with […]

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How am I Rated When I First Sign Up?

Every new buyer or seller starts with No stars. We call this Newbe the No Stars is not bad it just means you have not received any ratings yet. Once you complete your first transaction the seller or buyer can give you a rating. 5-stars is the best and 1-star is the worst. They can also […]

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What Happens with Duplicate Bids

What Happens If Two Bids Come In at the Same Amount?

Our rules for dealing with duplicate bid amounts are simple; the first one to bid the amount wins. Proxy Bid Example: Current Bid is $2,400 Emily proxy bids $5,000 on a vehicle Which makes the current bid $2,500 Frank proxy bids to $5000 (the same amount as Emily’s high proxy bid) The automatic bidding system […]

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Is There a Minimum Purchase Requirement?

A. No. buyers can purchase as few or as many vehicles as they need based on their own personal funding limits.

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Can a buyer bid on a car before the Viewing Day?

YES. Most dealers will allow online bidding a few days before the viewing day. As you get to know the reputation of the dealer running the auction, you may be comfortable bidding in advance. Of course you also have the option of waiting till the viewing day to view.  

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