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How to Show Condition or Title Issues in Your Auction Listing

We firmly believe that the vehicle condition report can make or break your dealer auction. If you list the vehicle correctly for auction, it helps the bidder make a more informed decision and over time they will bid more for cars listed by dealers they can trust. They will also give higher ratings to dealers […]

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auction dashboard screenshot

How to Use The Auction Dashboard

In this video we will show you how to navigate the auction dashboard, how to use the auction map and the alerts.

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dont be late

What is the penalty for paying late?

Late payments are a bad idea, for one the dealer can give you a bad rating and ruin your chance of bidding at other Auction Simplified auctions.

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Wholesaler and Dealer rating

How Does the Rating System Work?

There are two ways transactions are rated. The seller rates the buyer after the buyer pays and picks up the car. The buyer rates the seller after they receive the title paperwork and pick up the car. Most buyers and sellers have a great reputation, but sometimes there are situations where you would prefer not to do business with […]

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How am I Rated When I First Sign Up?

Every new buyer or seller starts with No stars. We call this Newbe the No Stars is not bad it just means you have not received any ratings yet. Once you complete your first transaction the seller or buyer can give you a rating. 5-stars is the best and 1-star is the worst. They can also […]

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Can a buyer bid on a car before the Viewing Day?

YES. Most dealers will allow online bidding a few days before the viewing day. As you get to know the reputation of the dealer running the auction, you may be comfortable bidding in advance. Of course you also have the option of waiting till the viewing day to view.  

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