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The settings page

Basic Setup There are basic settings required for each dealership to sell or buy vehicles using the Auction Simplified software. To find the settings page, log in to Auction simplified and click on the “Settings” link found in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. In the settings section you can change your dealer […]

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How long in advance do I need to register for an auction? 

A. The sooner the better, we prefer that you register and submit your dealer license at least 24 hours before the end date of an auction you want to bid on. If you need to register the day of a sale and need the registration rushed through, call us at 716-800-2910 and we will do our best […]

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How do I register for Auction Simplified?

Click on the registration button at the top of the web site then fill in the simple form and you are ready to start bidding at dealer auctions. You will need to read and agree to the terms of use and the privacy statement. Once you are ready hit submit and you will receive […]

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How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, zilch, free, no charge. Auction Simplified only charges for completed transactions. Even then, only the buyer pays a small fee, so seller benefits from a zero cost transaction. Free to Register, free to sell and low buyers fees. Now that’s pricing simplified.

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State DMV Dealer or Wholesale License

What are the requirements to join Auction Simplified?

This is a wholesale vehicle auction so you will need to have a retail, wholesale or salvage license issued by the DMV. The only info we need upfront is your contact information, your business type and dealer license number along with the expiration date. That’s it! Since the actual transactions are handled at the sellers facility, no […]

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When will I be able to bid?

Your bidder account will be activated once  you register with Auction Simplified and we verify your information.  We’ll send you an e-mail with your user name and password. Then you’ll be able to start bidding right away.

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Wholesaler and Dealer rating

How Does the Rating System Work?

There are two ways transactions are rated. The seller rates the buyer after the buyer pays and picks up the car. The buyer rates the seller after they receive the title paperwork and pick up the car. Most buyers and sellers have a great reputation, but sometimes there are situations where you would prefer not to do business with […]

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How am I Rated When I First Sign Up?

Every new buyer or seller starts with No stars. We call this Newbe the No Stars is not bad it just means you have not received any ratings yet. Once you complete your first transaction the seller or buyer can give you a rating. 5-stars is the best and 1-star is the worst. They can also […]

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