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Can a buyer buy a car at auction and resell it at auction the same day?

A. Yes. Auction simplified is a marketplace where dealers can buy and sell vehicles. To list a vehicle you just bought simply go to your inventory search for the vehicle and add it to your own auction.

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How do I register for Auction Simplified?

Click on the registration button at the top of the web site then fill in the simple form and you are ready to start bidding at dealer auctions. You will need to read and agree to the terms of use and the privacy statement. Once you are ready hit submit and you will receive […]

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Who do I pay when I win an Auction

When you bid on and win, you’re purchasing the vehicle from the selling dealer, not Auction Simplified. Make payments  to the selling dealer as soon as possible based on the sellers terms, usually within one business day. Once payment is complete the selling dealer will print a Final Receipt/Gate Pass for you to pick up […]

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Proxy bid dealer auction software

With the On-line Open Bid Auction do I have to pay my full proxy bid?

No, if you are bidding on a car in an open bid sale and the auction does not meet your maximum bid, you’ll only have to pay the high bid amount (plus any applicable auction fees). For example, if your maximum bid is $3800 and the high bid during the auction is $2400 and the […]

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Payment Options

How do I pay for the vehicle once I’ve won it?

Each selling dealer auction is different so read sellers terms before bidding. Once you’ve won the auction or a Buy Me Now a confirmation notice will be e-mailed to you. You will need to pay the selling dealer the winning amount plus the buyer fee noted on the notice.   As a auction marketplace, Auction Simplified cannot accept […]

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Auction selling

How do I Add/list my car for an auction?

Login to Auction Simplified by clicking the login button at the top of the page. Then click on the selling tab, Then click the add vehicle button.   ad.d vehicle

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Best Practices at a Dealer Auction

Auction Best Practices.

Pick the day you will run your bid sale. Try running your sale on days other auctions are not running. Location of the sale. Having the sale right on your lot makes the most sense. No shipping fees and you will have everything you need to run the sale. Use Auction Simplified to make a […]

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Is There a Minimum Purchase Requirement?

A. No. buyers can purchase as few or as many vehicles as they need based on their own personal funding limits.

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Can a buyer bid on a car before the Viewing Day?

YES. Most dealers will allow online bidding a few days before the viewing day. As you get to know the reputation of the dealer running the auction, you may be comfortable bidding in advance. Of course you also have the option of waiting till the viewing day to view.  

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