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The settings page

Basic Setup There are basic settings required for each dealership to sell or buy vehicles using the Auction Simplified software. To find the settings page, log in to Auction simplified and click on the “Settings” link found in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. In the settings section you can change your dealer […]

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deleting a bid

Changing or Deleting a bid

With the exception of Quick Bidding, you will be asked to confirm to your newly set bid or Proxy high bid. Therefore you’re not allowed to delete or cancel your current bid on Auction Simplified. You are however, allowed to lower your Proxy Bid, to prevent increase proxy incremental bids. To completely remove your proxy bid, […]

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What Happens with Duplicate Bids

What Happens If Two Bids Come In at the Same Amount?

Our rules for dealing with duplicate bid amounts are simple; the first one to bid the amount wins. Proxy Bid Example: Current Bid is $2,400 Emily proxy bids $5,000 on a vehicle Which makes the current bid $2,500 Frank proxy bids to $5000 (the same amount as Emily’s high proxy bid) The automatic bidding system […]

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