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How to Bid on an Open Bid Sale

In this video we will show you how to use Auction Simplified to buy cars with that are running under the Open Bid style. Open bid allows you to bid at any time during the bidding period. You can bid three ways, Small increments at a time with the quick bid feature, Buy Me Now, (if offered) allows you […]

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Auction Viewing Day

What is Dealer Wholesale Viewing Day?

This is the day or days a selling dealer opens up their wholesale lot for buyers to view and bid on their wholesale cars. They will have the cars and keys ready for you to inspect and drive if needed. Its very important that we are respectful of the the dealer and only visit on […]

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Wholesaler and Dealer rating

How Does the Rating System Work?

There are two ways transactions are rated. The seller rates the buyer after the buyer pays and picks up the car. The buyer rates the seller after they receive the title paperwork and pick up the car. Most buyers and sellers have a great reputation, but sometimes there are situations where you would prefer not to do business with […]

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How am I Rated When I First Sign Up?

Every new buyer or seller starts with No stars. We call this Newbe the No Stars is not bad it just means you have not received any ratings yet. Once you complete your first transaction the seller or buyer can give you a rating. 5-stars is the best and 1-star is the worst. They can also […]

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What Happens with Duplicate Bids

What Happens If Two Bids Come In at the Same Amount?

Our rules for dealing with duplicate bid amounts are simple; the first one to bid the amount wins. Proxy Bid Example: Current Bid is $2,400 Emily proxy bids $5,000 on a vehicle Which makes the current bid $2,500 Frank proxy bids to $5000 (the same amount as Emily’s high proxy bid) The automatic bidding system […]

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