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loading a vehicle

How to Load a Vehicle for Auction

Loading a vehicle for auction on the Auction Simplified platform is quite easy. Start on the selling tab, from there you can search by stock number, VIN number or simply scroll down the vehicles already loaded. I most cases we have a data pull of your inventory already from vAuto, GetAuto, Dealer Specialties, Red¬†Bumper or […]

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Log In to Auction Simplified

How to Log In to Auction Simplified

Go to Auctionsimplified.com Click on Log In on the upper right. Enter your userid and password and you will be taken to the site. If for any reason you forgot your password, go to the login screen and click on forgot password. We well send you some password reset instructions.

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When is Payment Due

If I win a bid, when is payment due?

Payment is typically due the next business day after the end of the auction by 5 p.m. For example, if you won an auction on Friday the 1st, we’d need to receive payment by 5 PM on Monday the 4th. You should always check with selling dealer for their specific payment terms. Slow payment is […]

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