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How to Show Condition or Title Issues in Your Auction Listing

We firmly believe that the vehicle condition report can make or break your dealer auction. If you list the vehicle correctly for auction, it helps the bidder make a more informed decision and over time they will bid more for cars listed by dealers they can trust. They will also give higher ratings to dealers […]

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Auction Viewing Day

What is Dealer Wholesale Viewing Day?

This is the day or days a selling dealer opens up their wholesale lot for buyers to view and bid on their wholesale cars. They will have the cars and keys ready for you to inspect and drive if needed. Its very important that we are respectful of the the dealer and only visit on […]

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types of auctions

Types of Dealer Auto Auctions Available from Auction Simplified?

Open Online Bidding : With open bid auctions you can place bids online up until the date/time the auction closes. Bids may be placed manually, through “Quick Bids” or by placing a Proxy bid. Bids can be made online or on the Auction Simplified App, available for IOS and Android. At the end of the auction […]

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Auction selling

How do I Add/list my car for an auction?

Login to Auction Simplified by clicking the login button at the top of the page. Then click on the selling tab, Then click the add vehicle button.   ad.d vehicle

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Best Practices at a Dealer Auction

Auction Best Practices.

Pick the day you will run your bid sale. Try running your sale on days other auctions are not running. Location of the sale. Having the sale right on your lot makes the most sense. No shipping fees and you will have everything you need to run the sale. Use Auction Simplified to make a […]

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quick bid

What is Quick Bidding

Quick Bidding To help you avoid being outbid, we offer Quick Bidding feature.  With simply the click of a button  “Quick Bidding” will automatically raise your bid by one increment (the increments are preset by the software and vary based on the price of the car). To use Quick Bidding, you need to be signed […]

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