The settings page

Basic Setup

There are basic settings required for each dealership to sell or buy vehicles using the Auction Simplified software. To find the settings page, log in to Auction simplified and click on the “Settings” link found in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.

In the settings section you can change your dealer info, add users and auction locations, set up your wholesale viewing schedule etc.

Setting up my auction location.

You have the ability to add additional locations. In the case of a dealer group it might include all of their dealership. You can also use this section to list any off site wholesale lots you might have.

Adding Users

There is no charge to add additional users and you can set up three different types of users.

  1. Admin, this person can do everything on the site, including changing users and dealer info, buying and selling cars.
  2. Buyer/Seller, this person has the ability to buy and sell on your behalf but not change settings.
  3. View Only, this person can use the site, print and view but not buy or sell cars, or administer the site. Typically for billing and cashiers.

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Posted on: September 10, 2014