What Happens If Two Bids Come In at the Same Amount?

What Happens with Duplicate BidsOur rules for dealing with duplicate bid amounts are simple; the first one to bid the amount wins.

Proxy Bid Example:

  • Current Bid is $2,400
  • Emily proxy bids $5,000 on a vehicle
  • Which makes the current bid $2,500
  • Frank proxy bids to $5000 (the same amount as Emily’s high proxy bid)
  • The automatic bidding system bids both parties up to $5000
  • Emily is told she are the current winning bidder.
  • Frank is told he has been out bid, and must increase his bid to $5,100 to become the winner.

Last Second of bidding:

Auction Simplified always recommends bidding the absolute maximum that you are  willing to pay for an item early in the auction. We uses a proxy bidding system: you may bid as high as you wish, but the current bid that is registered will only be a small increment above the next lowest bid. The remainder of your Maximum Bid is held, by the system, to be used in the event someone bids against you.

As with proxy bidding the first bidder to bid an amount wins at that amount until they are out bid. Our software works in milliseconds, so there is no chance two bidders can ever bid at the exact same millisecond.

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Posted on: July 15, 2014