What is Dealer Wholesale Viewing Day?

This is the day or days a selling dealer opens up their wholesale lot for buyers to view and bid on their wholesale cars. They will have the cars and keys ready for you to inspect and drive if needed.

Its very important that we are respectful of the the dealer and only visit on the viewing day as most dealers will not provide keys or allow access to wholesales before their viewing day.

How do I know the viewing day?

As you search our auctions you will notice that each listing clearly shows when the vehicle is available for viewing, so it’s easy to know when is the right time to visit which lot.

Bidding at the car during viewing day:

With auctionsimplified.com you can bid right at the car using your smart phone, simply log in and search by stock number or last 8 of the vin. If you don’t have a smartphone, ask the selling dealer for a run list, and pick your cars. Then you can take the list back to your office and bid from your computer.

Some dealers may have pc’s available at their sale but remember to log off when you have finished bidding.

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Posted on: September 8, 2014