Types of Dealer Auto Auctions Available from Auction Simplified?

types of auctionsOpen Online Bidding :

With open bid auctions you can place bids online up until the date/time the auction closes. Bids may be placed manually, through “Quick Bids” or by placing a Proxy bid. Bids can be made online or on the Auction Simplified App, available for IOS and Android.
At the end of the auction the high bidder will be notified by email.

Open Bidding Style with a “Make an Offer” option:

Similar to open bidding accept the seller has opted to allow buyers to “Make Offers” The buyer may select the “Make an Offer” option and end the auction right a way if their bid is accepted by the seller. This option is only available if the auction has no bids above the reserve price.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Make Offer only (no bidding):    

You can purchase the car right away at the “Make an Offer” option if available. This allows any dealer to list their wholesale and retail cars on our marketplace without having to have a live auction. Buyers simply make offers to buy the cars. The seller can accept, reject or counter offer. Once an offer is accepted the buyer is notified via email.

silent-auto-auctionSilent Auction:

With the silent auction listing, the bidding process is private and the buyers should bid the most they are willing to pay for the car. The highest bidder is the winner assuming the bid meets the sellers expectations. All bidders will be notified as to the status of their bid at the end of the auction.

 Live Bid Pre-Sale Online

Auction Simplified offers a wide variety of dealer auction options including pre-sale listings for dealers who already have a lane sale. With this option dealers can feature their wholesale cars on our wholesale marketplace so hundreds of wholesalers can inspect the cars before the physical auction runs. Many of these dealers will run a post sale auction online featuring cars they have not sold.

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Posted on: August 12, 2014